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800 Ruth

800 Ruth  Video Tour   PDF

2008 Forest River Housing                   16x76

3 BR             2 BA

$40,000.00        Per Month $546.00/15 yrs

Up Front Cost: $2,000 Option Payment

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Affordable Homes

Feel free to browse our available homes below.  If something catches your eye, be sure to contact Ric and set up an appointment.  More information can be found on our Become A Resident page.  Keep in mind, applicants must first be approved before we’ll take them back for any walkthroughs.

Most Homes Include A 30-Day Warranty!

Before you move in, our employees will perform a water test on your home. We ensure there are no leaks and repair the ones we find. We'll test your heat tape and replace it if it doesn't work. Our goal is for you to have a good move-in experience.

We even provide a 30-day warranty that covers any new water leaks, basic electrical problems, stove, refrigerator, furnace, and water heater!

Community of Convenience

2110 S. Wayne  Video Tour   PDF

2006 Destiny                                                 14x60

3 BR             1 BA

$19,500.00        Per Month $482.00/10 yrs

Up Front Cost: $1,000 Option Payment

No Dogs

Dogs are not

allowed in the


No DogsSet up an appointment with Ric at (260) 925-HOME

1004 Shawna

1995 Fleetwood Lake Pointe               28x56

3 BR             2 BA

Double Wide!

1036 Greg

1993 Fleetwood Auburn                        16x76

2 BR             2 BA

SOLDMore homes are being worked on
and will be available soon!

1034 Angela  Video Tour   PDF

2003 Fleetwood Entertainer               30x60

3 BR             2 BA

$63,350.00        Per Month $754.00/15 yrs

Up Front Cost: $3,168 Option Payment

Newly Listed!Double Wide!SOLD