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Looking to fix or replace your skirting?  Feel free to refer to these Vinyl Skirting Installation Instructions for help!

Heat Tape

Heat tape is what helps keep your water pipes from freezing during the winter.  It should be checked every fall because it can go bad without notice.  When checking and installing your heat tape, be sure it gets warm when activated and it runs the entire length of your water line, including the water meter.

Watch an excellent How-To video HERE!

Water & Water Meters

Water is sub metered to every home in the community.  This means the office buys the water from the City of Auburn in bulk at a commercial rate, and then meters and bills each resident only for the water they use.  This also means you want to take care of leaks and water wasting activities because you pay for the water you use.  More water tips and information can be found on our Water Wise page.

Residents are responsible for the care and maintenance of the water meter under their home.  Broken or frozen water meters must be replaced and the resident will be billed for the new meter at the current meter rate.

Click HERE to view the video explaining how to replace your water meter.

Property Lines

Property lines are approximately 3 feet on the back side of each home, including utilities and back steps to that home.


The many types of underground installations might be endangered by indiscriminate digging or stake driving.

BEFORE YOU DIG or DRIVE STAKES or INSTALL FENCING, you must call for utility line locates from the following:

¨ Auburn Homes (260-925-4414)

¨ Electric, telephone, natural gas & cable television (1-800-382-5544)


Note: Auburn Mobile Home Park is in Jackson Township, West Edge Park is in Union Township


After locates are done, utilities are marked with these colors:

¨ Red is Electric

¨ Yellow is Gas

¨ Orange is Telephone & Cable TV

¨ Blue is Water

¨ Green is Sewer

Outdoor Fire Regulations

· All outdoor fires on community property must be in an above ground, enclosed fire pit

· Only un-treated wood or charcoal may be burned

· The fire shall be attended at all times during burning and until completely extinguished

· If the fire creates a nuisance, fire hazard, pollution problem, or threat to public health, it shall be extinguished

· All recreational burning shall comply with all other state, local regulations, and ordinances

Free Wireless Internet For The Community

Wireless internet is available at West Edge Park and Auburn Mobile Home Park.  A lot of factors go into the quality of the signal you may get such as your home’s construction, tree limbs in the way, and even the weather.  If you are struggling to get a good signal

Wifi Repeater Video

We don’t recommend you immediately discontinue your current internet provider.  Please test out our service before you make any decisions.

Please keep in mind this is a FREE service.  We’ll continue to work out the bugs and appreciate your patience.

Trouble-Shooting Tips

Difficulty connecting / invalid password: Make sure you are typing in the password with the correct capitalization and spaces.  If this does not work, the password may be expired or use has been restricted.  Please contact the Park Office during normal business hours.

Weak Signal: During the testing phase of the system, the Park has tried to ensure all areas will have adequate signal strength.  However, tree limbs, foliage, buildings, and walls may interfere with signal strength in certain areas.  Trimming trees and bushes outdoors, and/or moving near a window while indoors may help.  If signal strength remains low inside your home, a signal booster device can be purchased from local stores.  Please report low signal strength to the Park Office during normal business hours so we can take steps to improve the system.

Outages:  Our system is designed to “self-heal” if a component is damaged or malfunctions.  In this instance it is likely the user will experience little or no disruption in service.  However, if our service provider experiences an outage, our system will not be available.  The Park is NOT responsible for outages or loss of service and will NOT accept internet-related calls on the after-hours emergency line.  If you experience an outage lasting longer than 4 hours, please contact the Park office the following business day between 9 a.m.—4 p.m.  We will attempt to restore service as soon as reasonably possible.

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