Please Note an Addendum to our Rules

Posted 8-3-2017


ADDENDUM to                                                                                                       

West Edge Park, LLC / Auburn Mobile Home Park, LLC

Rules, Regulations, and Information



A.  This Lease and the Homesite which is rented to the Tenant are not transferable to anyone. There shall be no assignment, transfer, lease, or sublease.

B.  Landlord may, at any time, assign this Lease without Tenant’s approval.  Tenant agrees at any time, and from time to time, to execute a consent to the assignment of this Lease by Landlord to its mortgagee or any other party.  Tenant’s rights shall be subject and subordinate to any bona fide mortgage now existing upon or hereafter placed upon the Homesite or Community by Landlord.

C.  Tenants of the Community have no rights of first refusal to purchase the Community.


LANDLORD RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL.  If Tenant desires to sell his manufactured home to a party anticipating to move it out of the Community, Tenant shall advise Landlord in writing of this intent.  When an offer is received, Tenant shall provide written notice to Landlord which notice must contain the names and addresses of the bona fide prospective purchasers, the proposed purchase price, and a full and exact disclosure of the material terms and conditions of such sale (if available, a copy of the proposed or then existing Purchase Contract must be submitted to Landlord with the notice) (the “Notice”).  Upon actual receipt of the Notice by Landlord, Landlord shall have 120 hours thereafter, not including Saturdays, Sundays or Legal Holidays, in which to notify Tenant of Landlord’s intent to purchase based upon same terms and conditions in the Notice.  If Landlord rejects that offer or fails to notify Tenant within said time, such shall be construed as a rejection and Tenant may sell the manufactured home to the persons named in the Notice upon the terms and conditions set forth in the Notice.  In the event Landlord rejects the offer and, if thereafter, any term or condition of the proposed sale is altered, modified or otherwise changed, then Tenant must submit an additional written notice to Landlord affording Landlord an opportunity with an additional 72 hours after actual receipt to accept or reject the purchase based upon the changed, altered, or modified terms.  Saturday, Sunday, or Legal Holidays shall not be included in the 72 hour time requirement.

If Tenant breaches this Section, Tenant shall pay $3,000 in liquidated damages to Landlord as the resulting damages of a breach of this paragraph would be uncertain, and extremely difficult or impossible to ascertain. However, Tenant and Landlord agree and stipulate that $3,000 is an amount that may fairly and reasonably be allowed as compensation for such a breach. NOTHING HEREIN WILL RELEASE OR TERMINATE ANY OTHER LIEN LANDLORD MAY HAVE FOR WORK DONE OR AS PART OF LANDLORD’S INNKEEPER LIEN RIGHTS OR REMEDIES OTHERWISE IN THIS LEASE.


Speed Limit 15Speed Limit 5

Speed Limits

Auburn Mobile Home Park

West Edge Park

Please respect the speed limits in each community.

Trash Pick-Up

Auburn Mobile Home Park



West Edge Park


Recycling Pick-Up

Auburn Mobile Home Park

Every Other Tuesday


West Edge Park

Every Other Monday


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No Dogs

Dogs are not

allowed in the


No Dogs

A $50 per day fine will be

assessed if you or your guests bring a dog on the property.


to residents who report dogs


Reasonable Restrictions

Addendum to Rules

Community Corner

Looking for Mobile Home Parts?

If you live in either one of our communities, we’d be happy to help you get or even order parts for your mobile home.

For people who do not live in our community or if you’re needing a part we can’t get, depending on what you need, we recommend Ace Hardware or The Home Depot in Auburn.  In Fort Wayne, we recommend: Menard’s


Fort Wayne Mobile Home Parts

2228 W Ludwig Road

Fort Wayne, IN 46818

(260) 416-0894

Calling all youth (ages 12-18)!  Our office has made special arrangements with the YMCA of DeKalb County to help the youth in our communities get a YMCA Membership.  Our office ahs agreed to pay for HALF of our youth’s monthly membership fees and ALL of their joiner fees.  This means the youth in our communities can get a YMCA membership for only $7 per month!

Activities the YMCA offers:

· Basketball Courts

· Swimming Pool

· Weight Room

· Women Only Weight Room

· Volleyball Courts

· Indoor Track

· Racquet Ball Courts

· Childcare

Auburn Homes Logo

Need Help Getting Around?

Call the D.A.R.T. Van for getting around

DeKalb County!


260-925-3311 or 888-220-2242

Community of Convenience

Walk At The YMCA

The YMCA on North Street allows anyone in the community to walk on the indoor track for FREE every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30am—10:30am.

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